Clifford Beers Housing | Staff


Cristian Ahumada
Executive Director

Cristian has trained Tae Kwon Do for over 35 years.

Audrey Peterson

 Audrey Peterson
Housing Director

Audrey lives car-free in LA.

John Yoon

John Yoon
Asset Manager

John is addicted to cheeseburgers.

photo of Logan Ophelan,Operations Manager for administration for Clifford Beers Housing

 Logan Ophelan
Operations Manager

Logan wonders about the theoretical politics of superheroes.

Dory Warton Senior Accountant picture in yellow shirt against gray background.

Dory Warton
Senior Accountant

Dory never gets tired of crunching numbers, loves chocolates and sports.

Aaron Perry-Zucker headshot

Aaron Perry-Zucker
Director of Marketing and Communications

Aaron loves jazz and is often listening to KKJZ in the office.

Matthew Schauer

Matt Schauer
Project Manager

Matt speaks Mandarin.

Michael Rangel

 Michael Rangel
Asset Management Assistant

Michael performs as a spoken word artist.

Veronica Gonzalez

Veronica Gonzalez
Office Manager

Veronica enjoys gardening and thrift shopping.

Brian Valenzuela

 Brian Valenzuela
Assistant Project Manager

Brian is serious about the Seahawks.

Dylan Coyle

 Dylan Coyle
Assistant Project Manager – Advancements

Dylan hikes the mountains of LA when he’s not in the office.

picture of Erin Gleason

Erin Gleason
Grant Writer

Erin is on a mission to try every donut shop in each strip mall she passes.

picture of Lety Muro in tan jacket and white shirt

Lety Muro
Assistant Project Manager

Enjoys having one too many cups of coffee!

Angel Silva CB Housing Marketing and Communications Manager photo

Angel Silva
Marketing and Communications Manager

Angel likes to bike across SoCal and take photos of his travels.

Leora Nessim Operations Associate photo

Leora Nessim
Operations Associate

Leora is on a mission to be on a first-name basis with all dogs.

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