Clifford Beers Housing | Mission and History

Creating homes   Building community    Fostering hope

Clifford Beers Housing develops permanent supportive housing for the most vulnerable.

Our commitment is to create thoughtfully designed, affordable and integrated communities to enhance the lives of individuals and families who have experienced mental illness and homelessness.

To date, CBH has 756 affordable homes completed or in the pipeline throughout Southern California, with 507 apartments in operation and 249 apartments in development.


Why Clifford Beers?

Clifford Beers’s autobiography, “A Mind That Found Itself” (1908), is a groundbreaking tale of his experience in various psychiatric hospitals, where he and his fellow patients experienced horrific abuses. The bestselling book aroused a storm of protest and public concern about the care of people with mental illness. In his book, Beers called for the creation of a mental health advocacy organization that would work to improve treatment for those with mental illness, reduce stigma, promote recovery, and prevent hospitalization.

With Beers’s vision as the catalyst, the mental health movement in the US, which evolved into the organization known as Mental Health America (MHA), was born.


Finding that permanent housing is key for health and well-being, MHA founded Clifford Beers Housing (CBH) in 2005. Since then, CBH has successfully carried out its mission to develop permanent supportive housing for the most vulnerable. This model has proven successful throughout the country in reducing homelessness and increasing community reintegration. CBH became an independent organization in 2015.

CBH believes in an integrated approach, in which those with special needs live together with non-special needs households. CBH operates over a wide geography, focusing its work in areas with the highest need. CBH partners with community social service providers to bring high-quality services free of charge to its residents. These include such things as case management, mental health services and life skills. All of CBH’s properties are professionally managed.

Our work helps reduce homelessness and assists those with special needs to stabilize their lives.

CBH housing includes support services such as mental health, job assistance and financial counseling.

CBH projects create jobs and promote local reinvestment in communities.

CBH’s model of permanent housing saves taxpayer money by lowering healthcare, prison and other costs.

We serve those who are disabled, veterans, seniors, families, homeless youth and others.

Our beautiful and well-maintained buildings improve their neighborhoods.

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