Clifford Beers Housing | I Am Clifford Beers

Clifford Beers’ story is a reminder that when we see an injustice such as homelessness, we have the power to make change. Clifford Beers had a vision of a whole and healthy life for all people, regardless of their mental health status. In Los Angeles in 2018, 36% of people experiencing homelessness also faced mental illness. That is why we carry on his legacy by providing housing for LA’s most vulnerable people. Homelessness can happen to anyone, and housing is the solution.

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I Am Clifford Beers. In 1900 Clifford W. Beers was institutionalized for depression, where he experienced severe abuse. This treatment gave Beers a passion to improve mental health practices in the U.S., and he launched the American mental health movement.

Homelessness can happen to anyone. After her husband died, Wanda was unable to pay the rent on her own, and forced to live on the street. Today, she is a part of a community and finally living in a place that she can call hers.

Mental Illness can happen to anyone. It’s hard for us to know what to do in the face of today’s big challenges like mental illness and homelessness. But Leepi has a hopeful outlook, believing that it’s important to be part of something greater than ourselves.

No family should have to experience homelessness. Homeless children are more likely to have severe health problems and twice as likely to drop out of school, but CBH’s permanent homes give children and families the stability and services they need to thrive.

“Homeless” is not an identity. The solution begins with housing. Matthew is a corporate vice president. He also has loved ones experiencing homelessness, and is acutely aware of how it can affect people of all backgrounds.

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