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What can your faith community do?

Many faith groups in Southern California wonder how they can be part of solving homelessness. If that is you, Clifford Beers Housing wants to partner to develop permanent supportive housing on surplus property owned by the faith based community. This partnership can provide an opportunity for faith based organizations (FBOs) to meet one of the community’s most pressing needs and generate revenue.

What is permanent supportive housing?

Permanent supportive housing (PSH) combines affordable housing with an operating subsidy like Section 8, with supportive services for people experiencing homelessness, including disabilities such as mental illness.

Research has proven that PSH is a cost-effective solution to ending the cycle of homelessness, particularly for people experiencing chronic homelessness, which can often include mental illness, substance abuse and long term chronic health issues. Study after study has shown that supportive housing not only resolves homelessness and increases housing stability, but also improves health and lowers public costs by reducing the use of publicly-funded services.

Clifford Beers Housing

Clifford Beers Housing (CBH) is a 501©3 that creates thoughtfully designed, affordable and integrated communities that enhance the lives of individuals and families who have experienced mental illness and homelessness.

Purpose: To develop permanent supportive housing (PSH) for the most vulnerable in our city on surplus property owned by faith based organizations (FBOs) while ensuring a source of income for them.

Partnership Options: Clifford Beers Housing seeks to partner with faith based organizations (FBOs) through the following options:

  Partnership Options
  FBO Maintains Land Ownership Only FBO Maintain Land Ownership and Operate FBO Sells Land FBO as Development Partner*
Role of FBO FBO enters into a long term ground lease with CBH for at least 65 years for a negotiated fee FBO enters into a  long term ground lease with CBH for at least 65 years for a negotiated fee FBO sells to CBH for  appraised value of the property to develop PSH FBO and CBH negotiate terms of a Joint Venture Agreement (JVA)
Role of CBH Develop and operate PSH on the property leased from the FBO Develop PSH on the property and assist/train  FBO staff in operating Purchase property from FBO; develop and operate PSH Acts as lead development partner pending terms of JVA
Land Ownership Owned by the FBO and leased to CBH for 65+ years Owned by the FBO and leased to CBH for 65+ years Purchased by CBH for appraised value Must be donated by FBO per the terms of the JVA
Capital Cost to FBO for building PSH none none none none
Operation CBH operates and maintains the building CBH will assist/train FBO’s staff, and share in the building’s cash flow prior to transitioning operations to FBO. CBH operates and maintains the building FBO and CBH operate the building together per the terms of the JVA

* For Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) transactions only

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