New Housing Education Platform

Creating new tools for faith-based organizations to help end homelessness

We’ve been hearing from many churches and socially conscious organizations that they want to build affordable housing to help homeless and low-income individuals, but aren’t sure where to start. Out of the challenges of this current pandemic, an opportunity has arisen to work with churches to create a unique online platform that will support and provide education to such organizations that own land. The platform will contain a number of online modules on a variety of topics including real estate, affordable housing, city planning requirements, ownership options, and financing, aimed at increasing the know-how of faith-based organizations. Los Angeles faced a homelessness crisis before the pandemic, and the economic fallout from COVID-19 threatens to push millions more into homelessness if we don’t do things differently and create new tools like this education platform. CBH is excited that this online platform will create a nexus between affordable housing and faith-based organizations seeking to do ministry in the service of others. 

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