What We’re Reading – Stories that Have Inspired Us, February 2020

Living on the Streets of L.A.


“Advocates who work with the homeless estimate there are at least 2 million unhoused people in the United States. Between 2018 and 2019, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s count, the homeless population in the city of Los Angeles increased by 16 percent—bringing the estimated homeless population to 36,165, at least 27,200 of whom were living on the streets.”

Can L.A. Fix It’s Homelessness Crisis?


“Connecting residents to financial support through federal housing vouchers has long been a key part of LA’s strategy for addressing homelessness. But those vouchers aren’t in unlimited supply. The city of Los Angeles opened the wait list for longterm Section 8 vouchers in 2017, making 20,000 spots on the list available—for an expected 600,000 applicants.”

Fix California’s Housing Crisis, Activists Say. But Which One?


“As a controversy over vacancy in the Bay Area and Los Angeles reveals, advocates disagree about what kind of housing should be built, and where.”

What Will Our Future Homes Look Like? Much Will Depend on How Developers Evolve

Multifamily Executive

“Multifamily and commercial developers do their work far differently today than in years past. Their success—and how millions of Americans will live—hinges on whether they can keep adapting.”

Which Materials Are Easiest to Recycle?


“If given proper destinations and processed correctly, recycled materials can replace those extracted from deposits to form new building components, maintaining a quality generally comparable to traditional materials.”

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Christian Ahumada, Executive Director