Panorama City leads the way in holistic community development for more housing with better transit

Investment will save over $64 million in gas

Better traffic, safety, public transit and green space are coming to Panorama City! Clifford Beers Housing has partnered with the City and County of Los Angeles on a proposal to bring a number of improvements to the neighborhood surrounding our Corazón del Valle apartments near the corner of Lanark St. and Van Nuys Blvd. The proposal team includes City Councilmember Nury Martinez, County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, City and County public works and transportation departments, and other stakeholders. Our proposal to the State Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program (AHSC) would bring 3.4 new miles of bikeways and 2000 feet of accessible sidewalks to the neighborhood, connecting homes to two schools, parks, stores and employment. It would increase the number of buses to reduce commute time for residents, and purchase eight new electric buses. A new traffic circle at Natick Ave. and Lanark St. would slow traffic speeds next to schools. The proposal would also add 22 new curb ramps, three curb extensions, and more street trees, greening and lighting to increase safety and livability for residents.

These investments are expected save $64 million in gas costs for local residents and reduce over 66 million vehicle miles from driving. This proposal was created with significant community input from neighbors, students, teachers, local businesses and others, and aligns with LA County’s Vision Zero Plan to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2035. “This is a wonderful opportunity for state of the art housing and transit improvements next to schools,” said the project manager Matthew Schauer, “filling a community need that has been overlooked for so long.” AHSC is a state climate investment program that makes it easier for Californians to drive less by making sure housing, jobs and key destinations are accessible by walking, biking and public transit. Corazón del Valle phases I and II will bring 180 new apartments to the community that are affordable for local residents and large families.

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