How to build lower cost housing more quickly? Innovate!

Alternative models include ADUs, prefab construction, and unique financing

accessory dwelling units

CBH has launched a new arm of our organization responsible for building affordable and supportive housing without tax credits. We call it our Advancements department, and we are grateful to CIT/OneWest Bank for funding the new advancements staff. LA County is facing a staggering homelessness crisis caused by insufficient housing stock, which in turn raises the cost of rent out of reach for many low-income people. Through innovative approaches to development, advancements will achieve three goals: reduce the time to produce affordable housing, decrease the cost of development, and build in places of the County that have historically lacked PSH. We are initially exploring accessory dwelling units, partnerships with faith-based institutions and for-profit developers, prefab construction, mixed-income housing, and shared housing models.

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