An Unexpected Place for Green Space

Building an urban oasis surrounded by freeways in South LA

Clifford Beers Housing, in collaboration with the Annenberg Foundation, is creating the Annenberg Paseo in South Los Angeles, adjacent to CBH’s newest development Isla Intersections. This shared street will function as a transit-oriented nexus, creating open pedestrian space for the community and Isla residents alike to use for events such as fairs and pop-up markets.

The Annenberg Paseo will be surrounded by a wall of lush greenery called a living lung, which serves as a filter for pollution and noise from the surrounding freeways. While shared streets are new to the City of L.A., they have found success in several U.S. cities, and throughout Europe and Latin America. Access to green space and connection between neighbors improves overall public health, and Clifford Beers Housing hopes that the Paseo can serve as an example of how developers can find creative ways to connect people by building healthy, vibrant spaces that encourage pedestrian activity. Isla Intersections will provide 54 permanent apartments for formerly homeless households, along with commercial space fronting the Annenberg Paseo.

Developer: Clifford Beers Housing

Co-developer: American Family Housing

Architect: Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

Traffic Consultant: Crain and Associates

Landscape Consultant: Superjacent

Planting Specialist: Claire Latane of Studio-MLA

Funding Sources: The Annenberg Foundation, Enterprise Community Partners

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