My name is  Leepi and I am Clifford Beers: Video

Join Leepi and make a difference to end homelessness today

“Mental illness can strike anybody,” says Leepi Shimkhada, a leader in the fight to end homelessness in Los Angeles. It’s hard for us to know what to do in the face of today’s big challenges like mental illness and homelessness. But Leepi has a hopeful outlook, believing that it’s important to be part of something greater than ourselves.

Clifford Beers Housing agrees that all of us can make a difference. We work to create homes that build community for our residents and foster hope in their lives.

Who is Clifford Beers? Keep staying tuned until next time to find out.

Will you join Leepi and make a difference to end homelessness today?

Clifford Beers Housing and our residents need your help. As you consider your year-end giving, will you donate to Clifford Beers Housing now?

Your money will go towards creating new apartments in 2019 for 150 households currently staying on the sidewalk or in shelters. It will also support our 411 current resident households including families with children, seniors, and veterans.

We are so thankful for your support.

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