At Holt Family Apartments, dreams do come true

For Paul, the move from temporary shelter to permanent housing is life changing

Born and raised in Los Angeles County, Paul Solis has called Pomona his home for 20 years. Due to financial hardships, Paul and his daughter Shannon, who has special needs, lost their home and lived in motels and shelters for over a year. Paul was constantly worried about Shannon during their time at the shelter, saying, “The shelter was not good for her. I was always watching her, making sure nobody bothered her.” Paul began to feel hopeless. Tri-City Mental Health Services finally helped Paul and Shannon find a home at Holt Family Apartments.

Their permanent home has given Paul and Shannon security and stability, and they have been able to spend time together outdoors, enjoy home-cooked meals, and save money to plan their futures. “It lifted me up,” Paul said. “My self-esteem got better, like I’m somebody new.” to Paul, living at Holt has been a “dream come true” because he and his daughter finally have a safe place to call home.

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