“Not enough housing” state neighbors in South LA

CBH and GB Construction host taco truck for the neighbors of King 1101 Apartments

King 1101 Apartments in South Los Angeles is in mid-construction, with expected completion in 2018. To reach out to the community, Clifford Beers Housing and GB Construction hosted a taco truck party for the neighborhood on September 27. During the event Shanelle, a neighbor, said that King 1101 is especially important for parents and children. “There are a lot of single parents who are homeless with their children,” she said, “and we need more housing out here for our kids.” Joel, a young Afghanistan veteran, said he has been looking for housing for five months. “I have a steady job,” Joel said, “but there’s just nowhere to live. There’s not enough housing.” King 1101 will provide 10 apartments for homeless military veterans like Joel, 10 apartments for formerly homeless households, and 5 apartments for low-income families. 

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