King 1101 in the media

Innovative architecture in focus

Architectural Record has highlighted the inventive design of CBH’s King 1101 Apartments as a model of architecture that provides social and civic connections for everyone. According to architect Lorcan O’Herlihy, the project engages with the sidewalk, the street and the community.

King 1101 is also featured in Lorcan’s recently-published book, Amplified Urbanism (available on Amazon). The book describes how good design such as King 1101’s helps cities become dynamic, sustainable, and productive environments for all. King 1101 will provide 26 apartments for veterans, formerly homeless households, and low-income families. Construction is slated for completion within 18 months.

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  • S. Durbin

    What is the street address for this complex? When are applications accepted? What are criteria for renting? How is amount of rent calculated? Are service animals accepted?

    Thank you.

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