KCET highlights CBH residents

Homelessness increasing among aging baby boomers

Wanda, 63, was homeless before moving into CBH’s NoHo Senior Villas. “Living on the street as a senior is no joke,” Wanda told KCET TV in March. “You don’t have a place to shower, to go to the bathroom.” In a recent exposé on homelessness and aging, KCET found that the median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2000, while the average social security benefit is only $1224 a month. “It’s no wonder we’re seeing more elderly Angelenos making their homes on the street,” reports KCET. To address this growing crisis, Los Angeles needs more housing that seniors can afford, like NoHo Senior Villas. Click here for the rest of KCET’s interview with Wanda.

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