Voter guide for affordable housing

2016 voter information guide for affordable housing

Two Los Angeles City measures will address our homelessness crisis

There has been an array of potential measures and bills discussed this year, but it has all come down to three measures that will appear on the ballot for voters in the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica this November. This is why CBH has created this voter information guide. No State or County measures for affordable housing made the ballot this fall.

Measure HHH: A $1.2B bond will pay for LA City’s strategy to address our homelessness crisis. This will include increased permanent affordable housing and temporary shelter, and increased mental health care, substance abuse treatment and job training. Providing such housing is 43% cheaper to taxpayers than leaving someone on the streets (United Way). This measure requires 2/3 voter approval, so please pass the word about this crucial funding! Make Los Angeles safer for tens of thousands of women, men and children sleeping on our streets. Click here for more details. And spread the word through social media! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Measure JJJ: Angelenos need to make $88,000 a year to afford a two-bedroom apartment, but the median income is less than $28,000 a year (UCLA). This initiative will encourage developers in the City of Los Angeles to make a percentage of new units affordable to low-income and working residents, and will encourage development of affordable housing next to public transit. Click here for more information and ways to participate.

City of Santa Monica Measure GSH: The Santa Monica City Council proposes a half-cent sales tax to fund education, affordable housing and homelessness reduction. Click here for details and analysis.

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