Residents and staff hold gardening day at Burlington Family Apartments

Children learn about water and energy conservation

On Saturday, residents, staff and community volunteers came together to revitalize the edible gardens at Burlington Family Apartments. Participants prepared new soil and planted zucchini, tomatoes, lavender, and other vegetables and herbs. Children painted posters of Burlington’s sustainable features and conservation measures, such as solar panels and geothermal water heating. Resident Rajib, a father of four, said that he and his family loved participating, and hope to continue maintaining the gardens at Burlington. CBH’s asset manager, Sassan G. Nikdast, stated, “My hope is that Burlington’s gardens are something that residents like to work on and that create an ongoing sense of community and ownership.”

CBH is grateful for funding and volunteers from the U.S. Green Building Council that made this gardening day possible. CBH also thanks Gloria from Ocean Park Community Center and Gustavo and William from The John Stewart Company for their leadership of the event. Burlington Family Apartments is certified Gold for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

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