Michael Raley, assistant project manager, at CBH's Burlington Family Apartments

Michael, left, at Burlington Family Apartments with property manager Joseph, right.


A renaissance man for Los Angeles

Profile of Michael Raley, CBH Assistant Project Manager

Michael is a jazz pianist, a reader and a thinker, with a strong sense of curiosity and a passion to discover Los Angeles and make his city great.

Michael says his career highlight was the opening of Burlington Family Apartments, his first project with Clifford Beers Housing. Michael had spent months leasing all of the apartments and helping residents through the challenging process of applying and moving in. When he saw the smiling faces of all the parents and children he had helped, Michael said, “it was incredible to hear from the residents what a difference Burlington has made for them. I felt touched; they showed me what our work has the potential to do.”

Michael chose his career because he wanted to be involved in building that really helps people. “We are all part of a community,” Michael says, “We don’t want people to be left out or left behind from the riches of this land.”

Michael manages housing development at CBH, including the purchase, design, construction and resident services for CBH’s affordable communities. He has an eclectic background in urban planning, public finance and economic development. Michael holds a Master of Planning degree from the University of Southern California.

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