Integrating successful enterprise with a purposeful life

Profile of Shahrouz Golshani, Vice President of the Board

Shahrouz Golshani is the founder of two companies: real estate investment firm Plaza Property Group, and Healing Care Hospice, an agency that provides compassionate care for patients. One wouldn’t think that these two passions coincide, but it makes sense when you meet Shahrouz. An easygoing, kind, and brilliant member of CBH’s board of directors, Shahrouz believes that a life centered around service can joyfully co-exist with building a successful business. This belief was confirmed by MBA work Shahrouz completed at UCLA Anderson, where he focused on entrepreneurship and real estate. While at UCLA, Shahrouz launched an initiative called 1000 Homes, which raised awareness of the need for more permanent support housing throughout the Los Angeles region.

“I’m passionate about the practical solutions to homelessness that Clifford Beers Housing provides,” says Shahrouz, “and I’m proud of our beautiful, sustainable communities that people are proud to live in, which are a catalyst for their recovery.” Shahrouz says that permanent supportive housing is effective because those who were chronically homeless have a lot of needs, such as physical and mental health care, rehabilitation and job training. “Just giving someone an apartment isn’t enough,” he says. “It takes a team approach to help people stay and thrive in their home.” CBH is grateful for the important part Shahrouz plays on our team.

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