Protecting Our Future Through Green Building

Sustainability in CBH Buildings – Focus on Greywater

Improved water capture and water recycling is needed to help L.A. face the challenges of drought and climate change, the L.A. Times stated last month. CBH is committed to conserving water and building green as a vital part of promoting well-being for everyone, both for our current population and for the generations to come.

At in-development Holt Family Apartments, CBH is working with the City of Pomona to create the first multifamily greywater recycling system in the city. This system will use laundry water runoff to irrigate the property’s plants. “As water becomes scarcer in Southern California,” says CBH Housing Director Vanessa Luna, “we wanted to minimize water use and lower costs in our buildings, especially in a large multifamily community such as Holt.” Holt Family Apartments will include other green features to enhance the lives of residents and the surrounding area, such as drought-tolerant community gardens and energy-efficient appliances.

“Water will be our most precious resource in coming years,” says CBH Executive Director Cristian Ahumada. Studies have found that green buildings are better for the health of both residents and the greater community, and they cost less to operate than conventional buildings. Recycled greywater, in particular, can reduce a property’s water consumption by up to 40%.

In other sustainability news, CBH is proud that Burlington Family Apartments is our most recent building to be certified Gold for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Burlington has many innovative green features, including drought-resistant edible gardens and solar water heating. Please check out the gallery above for photos from some of our LEED-certified buildings.

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