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Meet Angelica

“To me, having a home means feeling love and peace” – Angelica, age 8, resident

Angelica, age 8 (left) and her younger brother and sister (right) were homeless for two years. Angelica’s parents had lost their jobs and apartment. They did everything they could, but eventually “it was the end of the road,” states Angelica’s mom, Helen. “We slept in the car, we showered with a cold hose in the mornings. We spent all day in the park while my husband looked for work to make money for the day, just so we could eat. The kids have survived a lot, and seen a lot. It was very stressful.” Eventually the family was able to get into a temporary shelter. The shelter helped them to apply for permanent housing, and they moved into Burlington Family Apartments in 2015. Helen states, “Every day we thank God for this apartment. The kids are so happy. They love it.” Angelica says, “it’s peaceful. It feels like a really good home, like I’m safe with my parents.”

  • Alice

    This is a moving story, thank you. I hope these children continue to do well.

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