Congressman Tony Cardenas Visits Residents

Permanent, affordable homes are a prescription for health

NoHo Senior Villas residents were excited to welcome Representative Tony Cardenas (D-San Fernando Valley) on August 1st. Cardenas spoke with tenants to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medicare and Medi-Cal. Cardenas brought a homemade birthday cake, and residents lit the candles. CBH Executive Director Cristian Ahumada spoke with Rep. Cardenas at length regarding affordable housing in the 29th District, emphasizing that housing is an important prescription for health.

Rep. Cardenas said, “I was so happy to get a chance to join seniors at the NoHo Senior Villas, to celebrate the 50th birthday of Medicare and Medicaid with a cake baked by my lovely daughter Alina! Many of our treasured seniors are worried that coverage won’t be there when they need it. I’m determined to protect Medicare and Medicaid, to make sure we can bake another cake in 10, 25, and even 50 years.” Almost 30 per cent of residents in Cardenas’ 29th district utilize Medicare. NoHo Senior Villas was co-developed by CBH and PATH Ventures.

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