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Public art at new Holt Family Apartments

Affordable apartments now leasing in Pomona

Tri-City Mental Health Care clients are helping create a public art piece that will be displayed at CBH’s Holt Family Apartments in Pomona. In April, clients worked with master artists to paint and fire clay tiles for the mosaic arch that will form the entryway to Holt Family Apartments. This project means a lot to lead artist Cathy Garcia. “I graduated from Pomona High,” she states, “so what better way to give back to the city that’s done so much for me? It’s very exciting.” The mosaic depicts a tree of life that represents the importance of community and welcomes residents as they enter their new home.

Construction on Holt Family Apartments will be completed in the fall, and leasing is now underway. Click here for rental information.


NoHo Senior Villas

KCET highlights CBH residents

Homelessness increasing among aging baby boomers

Wanda, 63, was homeless before moving into CBH’s NoHo Senior Villas. “Living on the street as a senior is no joke,” Wanda told KCET TV in March. “You don’t have a place to shower, to go to the bathroom.” In a recent exposé on homelessness and aging, KCET found that the median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is $2000, while the average social security benefit is only $1224 a month. “It’s no wonder we’re seeing more elderly Angelenos making their homes on the street,” reports KCET. To address this growing crisis, Los Angeles needs more housing that seniors can afford, like NoHo Senior Villas. Click here for the rest of KCET’s interview with Wanda.

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King 1101 Apartments

King 1101 in the media

Innovative architecture in focus

Architectural Record has highlighted the inventive design of CBH’s King 1101 Apartments as a model of architecture that provides social and civic connections for everyone. According to architect Lorcan O’Herlihy, the project engages with the sidewalk, the street and the community.

King 1101 is also featured in Lorcan’s recently-published book, Amplified Urbanism (available on Amazon). The book describes how good design such as King 1101’s helps cities become dynamic, sustainable, and productive environments for all. King 1101 will provide 26 apartments for veterans, formerly homeless households, and low-income families. Construction is slated for completion within 18 months.

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Nancy volunteer

Nancy, center, volunteers with her family and other CBH residents

Partner with us to fight homelessness in LA

End of the year tax-deductible giving

Dear Friends,

When Nancy lived in her car with her two young daughters, she says she had no one who cared. “My little one became traumatized,” says Nancy of their living situation. “My older one missed a lot of school; her self-esteem was really affected.” Nancy struggled to cope, falling into depression and hospitalization. > read Nancy’s story

But thanks to Clifford Beers Housing, Nancy and her family now have an apartment that they can afford, with supportive staff to help them get back on their feet. “I love what CBH stands for,” says Nancy. “I feel that your mission is genuine, it’s out of the desire to help people like me that have disabilities. I feel CBH’s sincerity.”

Today, Nancy is giving back by speaking to lawmakers about homelessness and volunteering in her community.

Will you join Nancy and Clifford Beers Housing in fighting to end homelessness? We can’t do this without your partnership!


Your donations to CBH will help create permanent homes that are affordable for working families, seniors, veterans, those facing mental health challenges, and more. CBH’s apartment homes have services in each building that help residents heal and leave homelessness for good.

We at CBH are sincerely thankful for each of you and your commitment to end homelessness. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and new year! Sincerely,

Cristian Ahumada

Executive Director