Clifford Beers Housing | Stories

2019 Letter from Cristian

CBH State of the Union and Video: building more quickly, more affordably

Public Demands More Housing in Panorama City

Support for more affordable homes spearheaded by families and teachers

Solving Homelessness for Military Veterans

Larry, an Army veteran, gets his life back through a stable home

Isla Intersections Kicks Off

Isla to provide public green space and a shared street in South Los Angeles

King 1101 Honored

Clifford Beers Housing King 1101 Receives Awards

How to build lower cost housing more quickly? Innovate!

CBH has launched a new arm of our organization to build affordable housing without tax credits

Construction progressing in Sylmar and Long Beach

96 new affordable homes – click for video!

Back to school at Holt Family Apartments

A stable, affordable home helps student achievement

Clifford Beers’ memorable backyard BBQ and concert

BBQ and concert supports work to end homelessness

Creating a shared street

The Annenberg Paseo is an urban oasis surrounded by freeways in South Los Angeles

Groundbreaking in Long Beach

CBH breaks ground on 48 affordable apartments at Vistas del Puerto

Norma finds a home at King 1101

Norma tells her story at the grand opening on MLK Blvd in South LA

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