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Nancy volunteer

Nancy, center, volunteers with her family and other CBH residents

Partner with us to fight homelessness in LA

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Dear Friends,

When Nancy lived in her car with her two young daughters, she says she had no one who cared. “My little one became traumatized,” says Nancy of their living situation. “My older one missed a lot of school; her self-esteem was really affected.” Nancy struggled to cope, falling into depression and hospitalization. > read Nancy’s story

But thanks to Clifford Beers Housing, Nancy and her family now have an apartment that they can afford, with supportive staff to help them get back on their feet. “I love what CBH stands for,” says Nancy. “I feel that your mission is genuine, it’s out of the desire to help people like me that have disabilities. I feel CBH’s sincerity.”

Today, Nancy is giving back by speaking to lawmakers about homelessness and volunteering in her community.

Will you join Nancy and Clifford Beers Housing in fighting to end homelessness? We can’t do this without your partnership!


Your donations to CBH will help create permanent homes that are affordable for working families, seniors, veterans, those facing mental health challenges, and more. CBH’s apartment homes have services in each building that help residents heal and leave homelessness for good.

We at CBH are sincerely thankful for each of you and your commitment to end homelessness. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and new year! Sincerely,

Cristian Ahumada

Executive Director


Thank you for making 2016 a success!

With your support, CBH gave a home to over 300 families in 2016. You have made each of these accomplishments possible:

• Residents are now moving into Immanuel Senior Housing in Long Beach! CBH is thrilled to provide 26 new apartments to help make Los Angeles County more affordable for everyone.

Holt Family Apartments in Pomona (pictured) is now in mid-construction, and will provide 50 apartments for families beginning in 2017.

The King 1101 apartment community in South Los Angeles is now closing financing so that construction can begin on 26 new apartments.

• CBH won bids in 2016 to develop two new apartment communities, Vista del Puerto for the City of Long Beach, and Imagine Apartments in Sylmar for the City of Los Angeles.

• We’re pleased that voters passed measure HHH in this election! We worked hard to promote this needed funding to address homelessness in Los Angeles.

• In August, CBH received a grant of $125,000 from the California Community Foundation to expand our organizational capacity and increase the number of homes that we can provide.

• CBH moved to our new offices in North Hollywood in September – stay tuned for our open house in 2017.

• CBH welcomed two new babies to our family! Claire Okeke, our communications coordinator, gave birth to a lovely son in October (pictured). Our housing director Vanessa Luna welcomed her son in September.

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CBH new address

Clifford Beers Housing has moved to North Hollywood

Our new office address is 11739 Victory Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91606, a stone’s throw from the last Red Line station in the San Fernando Valley. Thanks to our friends at Clearinghouse CDFI, CBH is purchasing and renovating a commercial building in the heart of North Hollywood. Due to increased prices on office space and parking in downtown Los Angeles, CBH turned this into an opportunity and secured a 30 year note that removed the uncertainty of price increases. Please update this address in your records, and stay tuned for our open house in early 2017!

CBH new office in North Hollywood

CBH new office in North Hollywood

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Los Angeles voter guide 2016        Voter guide for affordable housing

2016 voter information guide for affordable housing

Two Los Angeles City measures will address our homelessness crisis

There has been an array of potential measures and bills discussed this year, but it has all come down to three measures that will appear on the ballot for voters in the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica this November. This is why CBH has created this voter information guide. No State or County measures for affordable housing made the ballot this fall.

Measure HHH: A $1.2B bond will pay for LA City’s strategy to address our homelessness crisis. This will include increased permanent affordable housing and temporary shelter, and increased mental health care, substance abuse treatment and job training. Providing such housing is 43% cheaper to taxpayers than leaving someone on the streets (United Way). This measure requires 2/3 voter approval, so please pass the word about this crucial funding! Make Los Angeles safer for tens of thousands of women, men and children sleeping on our streets. Click here for more details. And spread the word through social media! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Measure JJJ: Angelenos need to make $88,000 a year to afford a two-bedroom apartment, but the median income is less than $28,000 a year (UCLA). This initiative will encourage developers in the City of Los Angeles to make a percentage of new units affordable to low-income and working residents, and will encourage development of affordable housing next to public transit. Click here for more information and ways to participate.

City of Santa Monica Measure GSH: The Santa Monica City Council proposes a half-cent sales tax to fund education, affordable housing and homelessness reduction. Click here for details and analysis.

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