Holt Family Apartments

1445 E. Holt Ave.
Pomona, CA 91767

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Holt Family Apartments is a 50-apartment community for families in the City of Pomona. The site includes outdoor space, a playground, a basketball court, community gardens, a community space for use by the tenants and the surrounding community, and offices for property management and case management staff. Green-friendly features include the first multifamily greywater recycling system in the city of Pomona. The 50 apartments consist of 12 one-bedrooms, 16 two-bedrooms and 22 three-bedrooms.

Services are provided by Tri-City Mental Health Services. The resident services coordinators work with all tenants to create a sense of community. Services focus on improving stability, self-sufficiency, benefits enrollment assistance, mental health, medication management, counseling, job training, and life skills development.

The John Stewart Company (JSCO) provides professional, on-site property management. JSCO manages over 20,000 units across California in market-rate, affordable and special needs projects. The on-site property manager works closely with the resident service coordinator and case managers to ensure quality of life for residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

At A Glance

Architect: Gonzalez Goodale Architects
Property Management: Levine Management Company
Support Services: Tri-City Mental Health Center
Apartments: 50 apartments total:
11 one-bedrooms, 16 two-bedrooms, and
22 three-bedrooms for low-income households
One on-site manager’s apartment

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